Have you added Idli to my favorite fermented food?

Did you know that 80% of our immune system resides in the walls of the intestines? Apart from aiding digestion, the lactic acid bacteria present in fermented foods also alter the PH balance in the intestines which is associated with long life and good health. So, while enjoying your homemade yogurt or having your favorite idlis, you are actually building a resistant immune system that will help you fight disease. As idlis are fermented, they become more protein and vitamin-rich. When fermented, the bioavailability of proteins and vitamins B content in the food increases.

Embrace the idli diet, if you want to reduce those extra kilos. This diet has been introduced after knowing its health benefits and its major contribution to aiding weight loss. Idlis are a staple South-Indian dish that is made for breakfast and also enjoyed as a snack. Hack into the health benefits of having this fermented food. Traditional South Indian food is pre-digested by bacteria and hence easier to digest. The fermented process increases the bio-availability of nutrients like folic acid, riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, biotin, and Vitamin K as well as some antibiotic & anti-carcinogenic substances. Fermented food such as idli, replenish the microflora of the digestive tract.

Idlis can help you lose weight-

More and more people are growing weight conscious, as it not only makes one look beautiful and desirable but keeps the body healthy and fit. How does one manage to eat sufficiently and yet doesn’t put on extra weight? The answer lies in idlis. You can include this in your breakfast and as an evening snack. Steamed food doesn’t have fat and calories, thus Idlis help you to follow the no weight gain regime religiously. Idlis should be cooked in a healthy method to enjoy its weight loss benefits. Urad dal and rice make idli easy to digest and they digest and flush out easily. To pep it up your way, idli batter could be prepared by adding some green vegetables and Indian spices to make nutrioidlis, that are tasty and more nutritious. Pair up your plate of steamed idli with grape, orange or lemon juice, you can burn fat and also prevent carbs of rice from depositing in the body.

Make your batter, better with Rishta whole wheat –

If you are suffering from diabetes and can’t help just being tempted to try out nutroidlis, replace the rice batter with whole wheat grains batter and savor the mouth-watering healthy delicacy.  Whole wheat idlis aid easy weight loss, are digestible and good for diabetics. If rice makes you fat, you can make idlis with whole wheat too.