Cooking Simple with Rice

Rice, the most versatile food ingredient, is being used in every kitchen worldwide. From stir fry dishes to dessert, rice is used to cook a number of dishes that can be a main dish or a sweet dessert. Rice is accepted throughout the world for its nutritious and delicious food quality. In some of the cultures, this versatile food ingredient is treated as the most auspicious symbol that supports life and fertility. There is more than 40,000 variety of rice available on this planet. So, cooking with such a large variety is often found to be excited. The other reason can be the fact that rice can be used as the main dish that can go with each and every curry. Furthermore, there are certain who prefer to eat rice without curry in it.

Rather going into the variety of rice, here would like to share some simple dishes of rice that can steal the heart of your guests. Just pick the basmati rice and go ahead.

  • Jeera Rice

If you want to impress your guest with your short time cooking then try this rice recipe. This dish is very popular in North India and thus can go well with aloo dum, chana masala, paneer butter masala, Kadai paneer, palak paneer, chicken butter masala and a number of side dishes to name here.

Can be cooked with the previous day leftover rice or the raw rice, although, the cooking process is changed according to the rice used. The ingredients needed for cooking of this dish is rice, whole garam masala, star anise, Indian bay leaves and salt to taste.

Cook this Jeera rice at home.

  • Lemon Rice

Lemon rice is the main course recipe from the South Indian kitchen. The preparation of this rice is very simpler yet very nutritious. Just takes only 5 minutes to be cooked, lemon rice is ideal for lunch or picnic. As the dish is very light to digest so some did also prefer it in breakfast.

The main ingredients needed for cooking of the dish are raw rice, curry leaves, mustard seeds, urad dal, red chilies, green chilies, and asafoetida. Cashew also can be added to the dish, it adds more taste. The main ingredient that needed to be added is lemon juice that actually brings out the name of the recipe.

  • Vegetable Pulao

What can be better than a pot meal? Nothing, right… A pot meal that enhances the taste buds yet can fill your appetite. Vegetable pulao can be cooked in a number of ways each giving uniqueness in taste.  This pulao dish is ideal for short notice cooking whereas can be ideal for having a Sunday lunch. The best part of vegetable pulao is that vegetables can be added to the dish according to wish. The vegetables can be onion, carrot, French beans, mushrooms, bell peppers, green peas, tomatoes, and potatoes.

Apart from vegetables and rice, the spices added to the pulao are whole gram masala, ginger, garlic, chilies, mace, and Indian bay leaves. Takes only 15 minutes to cook, this pulao can taste great to go on any occasion.

  • Tomato Rice

How can the tomato rice be forgotten? This South Indian rice dish is easy to cook and taste delicious. Tomato rice is often the choice made at café and restaurants. Though takes around 20 minutes to cook, this rice dish is ideal for impressing your friends and family.

The ingredients used for making the tasty food item are raw, tomato, whole garam masala, chilies, ginger-garlic paste, mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, coriander powder, cumin powder, and coriander-mint leaves.

No matter whether you want to impress your friend or want to cook for yourself, these four recipes can be cooked easily with Rishta basmati rice which tastes delicious.