What are you Deep Frying Today?

Which cooking oil are you using? This question has become much popular in recent years. The simple reason being humans have become more concern about their health and fitness. They are more concern with what they are eating and materials used for cooking. The question is more faced when there is a patient present in the house or to some extent when you are becoming fatter. Oil forms the centric of attraction to all the questions made relating to the cooking materials used. Though in the early day’s people were not concerned about contains the oil but today the modern generation is seeing much on contains. The need is very simple, to have tasty foods with healthy cooking oil.

Today, generations are more concern about having a healthy life. To some extent, it is hard to disagree with the saying. Choosing the correct oil not only helps in keeping you healthy but also protects your heart and avoids fats to accumulate in your body. One of the tastier food categories is the deep frying foods which are cooked by deep frying the food item in oil. This food category is considered to be very unhealthy as by deep frying the foods get higher trans-fat, saturated fat and in calories. There was the time when people used to strictly avoid these types of food but as time is passing by and people are acquiring much knowledge on cooking, it is said that with the use of right oil even deep-fried foods cannot make that percentage of harm to your health. Some points to be noted while deep frying with oils are;

  • Smoke points

Have you noticed smoke coming out from the oil on heating? This generally happens when the oil is heated beyond the smoke point. Oils with a higher smoking point are suggested to use as smoke does not comes out on heating of this oil and thus does not produce carcinogenic substances which are responsible for cancer. So, don’t forget to look at the smoke point before buying your oil.

  • Lower oil absorption

While deep frying, the excess of oil is absorbed if the food had a deep coating. This not only makes the food greasy but also higher the fats contain the body. It suggests using a less coating while deep frying of the food or using the cornmeal coating that does not absorb much oil.

  • Ideal temperature

You must have noticed that while deep frying your mother usually puts a little batter in the oil at the starting. Can anyone tell me why it is been done? To check the correct temperature of the oil, the small portion of the batter is given in the oil. If the batter rises up immediately after going deep, then the oil is totally ready for deep frying. Unless waiting a few more minutes. The food generally absorbs more oil if fried on improper oil temperature.

By choosing the right oil for frying lowers your chances of getting unhealthy. Though regular intake of deep-frying food is not prescribed but taking in accounts of the above factors, deep fried food can be consumed once in a while.