Flavor of simplicity

We often look around to try something different. But often we forget that the best taste lies in simple food. South India offers a variety of healthy dishes, but its real flavor is confined in its simple delicacies. Among those simple delicacies, Mini Soya Dosa ranks very high. The preparation is simple too. Like every other Dosa, it is too incomplete without chutney. It tastes best with garlic tomato chutney.

To make the batter add wheat flour and soya milk in a large bowl. Make sure to check the consistency of the batter properly.  For making Mini Soya dosa the batter should have a flowing consistency. Do not make the batter too thick.

Now add some chopped green chilies, salt, some grated onion, and chopped coriander.

Add a pinch of baking soda too.

Now heat a Dosa tawa over medium flames. Sprinkle a few drops of water to check the tawa is properly heated or not. Put a few drops of oil all over the tawa. Pour two to three tablespoons of the batter on the Tawa and spread it gently using a circular motion to make a thin and crispy Dosa. Flip it and cook the other side also. Cook until they become golden brown. Serve them hot.

Tips to make it better-

Add grated vegetable to make it healthier.

Avoid green chili when making for children.

Like any other dosa serve it with garlic tomato chutney .