Healthy Office Lunch Ideas

It’s a busy weekday and one meeting after another is lined up in a row. The day goes busy as expected and in the noon your stomach starts grumbling. It’s lunchtime and you need to grab something to keep your mind and body in equilibrium at work. You reach out to instant noodles or junks no matter how unhealthy they are. It does get tough to wake up early in the morning and prepare your lunch and pack a Dabba, however, there are items in the menu which are easy to make and equally healthy at the same time.

Moong dal khichdi

Plain rice needs to be accompanied by at least 2  more items like dal and sabzi to make it a healthy lunch. The mornings are too busily scheduled to prepare more than one item for lunch. A plate of moong dal khichdi is a very healthy combination of green moong dal and rice.  To make it rich in nutrition you can add veggies like green beans, carrot, cauliflower. You can customize cook your khichdi with veggies of your choice. The end result is the most nutritious rice recipes, which is easy to prepare and great in taste.

Methi partaha with onion chutney and greens

If you are not the usual rice lover but prefer anything made of atta, be it roti or paratha, 2-3 methi parathas with onion chutney makes a neat little healthy, yummy and delicious dabba. If you are too conscious about not having oily food these could be cooked with little or no oil.

Masala poha

For a light and refreshing, yet filling lunch a plate of masala poha is a delicious and nutritious option. Use badam and curry leaves to add flavor. You can also add soybean chunks to poha, this adds protein to your diet.

Idli, Dosa, Uttapam

On days when you want to have something different from regular days, you can always prepare idli, dosa, and uttapam. Instant batter mix is also readily available in the market which makes your task all the easier.

Always make sure the raw material you use to cook food comes from a trusted brand. For example, Rishta is a nationwide trusted brand for producing Atta and wheat products, Basmati rice, edible oil, besan, idli-dosa batter and many more. So you can get all your lunch related raw food items from Rishta at Grofers.