Top Healthy Food for Quick Weight Loss

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Often this saying goes overlooked even though it is true. Modern life and its hectic schedule, usually lead people to ignore breakfast. However, you must make it a point to eat healthy breakfast regardless of your work schedule. Weight loss is one of the excuses which people make when they opt to skip breakfast. However, this is the wrong approach. If you want to lose weight, you must eat breakfast as the first meal of the day plays a significant role in losing the extra flab.

Break the Fast

Why breakfast is such an important meal? If you are wondering this, you need to remember that usually, a 10-hour gap occurs between dinner and next morning’s meal. Eating healthy breakfast is important due to this reason. This meal offers the required fuel to the body. The mind also gets refreshed with proper breakfast. You should always eat breakfast within a couple of hours of waking up from sleep. This is because the sugar level which is needed to keep the brain and body active usually remains low. To balance this level, you need to eat healthy first thing in the morning.

Now, the question is what to eat for breakfast. There are so many kinds of dishes that you might get confused with the choices. The best breakfast is the one which is low on calories and high on energy.


This goes without saying that fruits are the healthiest thing which you can eat. The best thing is you can keep munching on fruit all day long and can eat as much as you want. However, for slimming purpose, you might have to sacrifice some of the fruits including mango and banana. Apple and cucumber are the fruits recommended by everyone.

Idly Dosa

You can eat idly dosa for breakfast if fruits don’t speak to you. Making idly or dosa can be a trouble for some, right? Well, you would be delighted to know that both idly and dosa batters are available in the market. You can buy these batter and prepare your healthy breakfast without any trouble.


This is another dish which is both tasty and healthy. You will find uthappam high energy food which will help you stay full for a long time. Additionally, it is low on calories as well. Like idly and dosa, you will get uthappam batter online as well.

Brown Rice

People have been eating brown rice for weight loss for a long time. This is another item which you will get online without trouble. You can use this to make different dishes including fried rice and polao. If you don’t eat rice in fear of weight gain, you will be delighted to know that brown rice does not possess the fattening quality of white rice.


Semolina or Suji has great weight loss quality. It prevents excess eating and keeps the energy level high. Additionally, suji improves heart condition while keeping bones healthy. The best thing about suji is the luxury of creating various types of dishes with it. Using your cooking ability, you can make anything with suji.

There are other foods which can help you lose weight with no time. But, the items that are mentioned here are easily availed.