6 Healthy & Easy Indian Breakfast Ideas for your Busy Mornings

In this particular blog, we will be talking about the meal most often skipped and how can you make it something to look forward to with Rishta products.
Breakfast is often considered as the most important meal of the day as it helps us to energize our body, improving metabolism, including better memory and concentration. But at the same time, it’s very important to satisfy your taste buds with a healthy breakfast.
Every state in India has its own breakfast items which are simply mouthwatering, especially South Indian breakfast dishes are easy to make and also very healthy.

Check out these Indian healthy breakfast ideas for your busy mornings

Beat Your Morning Hunger with Beaten Rice (Poha):

Rishta poha

These days we are getting more health conscious and in breakfast, we want something that is easily digestible and nutrient-rich. Poha or beaten rice is packed with loads of nutrients and light for the stomach. That makes Poha one of the best healthy Indian breakfast. You can make poha your primary source of carbohydrates and also you can add peanuts and sprouts for nutrients. It proves to be a tasty and healthy breakfast option than others and is fiber-rich too.

How About Indian Pancake (Uttapam):

Rishta Uttapam

Uttapam or thick Indian pancake is also one of those healthy breakfast ideas for Indian which takes very less time to make with simple idli dosa batter and vegetables. Generally, in the morning we have very less time to make dosa batter or idli batter, so in that case readymade Rishta idli dosa batter is the solution. You can also get idli dosa batter online from Grofers.

There are various types of uttapams you can try like Onion uttapam, veg uttapam, oats uttapam, etc. Veg Uttapam and Oats Uttapam is rich in various nutrients and do not add unhealthy calories to our body. Also, we can add paneer and spinach in the uttapam to add extra protein and fiber in our morning breakfast.

The Staple Delight of South India (Dosa):


Dosa, the staple food of South India, is considered as one of the well known healthy and easy Indian breakfast. Dosa offers lots of protein to our body and easy to digest. Just a single piece of dosa can offer lots of iron, calcium and vitamin C to our body. Dosa can easily be prepared from a combination of rice batter and black lentils, as well as oats which makes it easy to assimilate and digest. There are different types of dosa like plain dosa, onion dosa, masala dosa, etc. Also, very less oil is needed to make dosa so it’s very good for the heart.

It’s All About Steaming (Idli):


Idlis in breakfast are the easiest and healthiest option that we can have & start our day with a happy stomach in no time. Idli is recommended as one of the most nutritious food by the WHO-World Health Organization. Idli is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, enzymes, fats, amino acids, and fiber. Idlis are steamed so no grease content, so are light and easy to digest, usually served with sambar and coconut chutney. Sambar is made with lentils, thus high in protein and coconuts are highly nutritious and rich in fiber. All in all idli platter is the complete healthy option for breakfast.

The Veg Omlette (Besan Chilla):

Besan Chilla which is popularly known as a vegetarian omelette is a healthy option for breakfast as besan is a rich source of fiber, iron, potassium, manganese, copper, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, folate, vitamin B-6, and thiamine. The chilla batter could be prepared by mixing vegetables and paneer. Paneer increases the protein content and vegetables gives us sufficient nutrients. Rishta Besan could be the best option to make the healthiest and tastiest chillas. It is made from premium quality chana dal which is a healthy source of carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals it is particularly good for diabetic people.

Mother’s Gentle Touch (Upma):

When talking about healthy breakfast, evergreen upma is as soothing as mother’s gentle touch. It is made up of sooji, which is a rich source of iron and potassium along with carbohydrates, vitamin B and vitamin E make it an all-around nutritious choice. As upma digest slowly, it will keep you full for a long time and also keeps you energetic. You can also add onions, potatoes, chickpeas and many types of nuts to make upma tastier and healthier.

These 6 healthy breakfast ideas are the perfect blend of health and taste. If you find this article helpful, then please like, share and comment and stay tuned for the upcoming one.

Eat healthy stay healthy!!