Celebrate Janamashtami Feast with Rishta Food Products

On Janamashtami entire India and people around the world will be celebrating Krishna’s birthday with great pomp and enthusiasm. Devotees across the globe take up different activities to indulge themselves in profuse love and devotion of Krishna by chanting bhakti songs, dancing to soul-thrilling bhajans and organizing a great feast in the name of the lord. In fact, it is a nice idea to cook something special for Krishna on the occasion of his birth. Let’s look at the possible feast menu to offer something fancy to Krishna that could be distributed as Prashad among the devotees as well.


Pushpanna is an opulent rice dish that is served with many garnishes and seasonings. As implies its name, the rice is fragrant and it’s as colorful as a bouquet of flowers. You can even add chopped dried fruits to add to the taste. It is also offered as bhog to Krishna in ISKCON Temple.

Zucchini kofta

Zucchini koftas taste absolutely creamy and delicious. Tangy and mildly spiced tomato curry is a great match that tastes just as good with rotis as with rice. This recipe with Zucchini is mainly for ones living outside India where the availability of bottle gourd is rare. However replacing bottle gourd with zucchini doesn’t compromise on the taste as other ingredients of the recipe like besan, grated onion, minced ginger and garlic, garam masala, cumin powder, and coriander leaves add to the taste. Adding the koftas in the curry just before serving them retains their crispiness.


Puris are small little delights that are prepared by ataa or maida and when fried the dough inflates like balloons. Ideally, puris were fried I hot ghee or butter however keeping both health and taste in mind rice bran oil is recommended. Puris could be served with any meal, alloomatar ki sabzi, paneer ki sabzi almost anything like ay sweet dish as well.

Easy Saffron Sweet Rice

Saffron flavored the rice with the sweetness is a must be cooked recipe in annaprasana ceremony, birthday or in a child’s first grains. Richer creamier sweet rice is prepared with long grains of basmati rice and replacing some milk with cream. Raisins, cardamom and pumpkin seeds sauteed in ghee clarified butter, impart an aroma that has a warm sweet fragrance. This rice dish is also regarded as a celebratory meal.

Therefore you can prepare dishes from the above-discussed recipes or offer something of your own choice. To cook for the grand feast make sure you assemble the ingredients in advance. Online Grofers offers Rishta food products. Order Rishta food products online and celebrate a sumptuous Janamashtami.