Healthy & Hygienic Rishta Idli Dosa Batter

Aah! The temperature is soaring high in the city at this time and with the rising mercury is rising the number of germs in warmer conditions. To keep a check from getting an infection in this weather maintaining a hygienic food habit should be religiously followed. During the summers spicy and rich food should be avoided for plain and easy to digest food.

For office-goers preparing tiffin is a hectic task and maintaining a good condition where the food doesn’t get spoilt in the long journey to office is an added pain in summers. In such a climatic condition South Indian Idli and dosa is a respite. For the stomach, it is low in oil and spice and easily digested. With instant idli dosa batter mix available in the market the task of preparing tiffin for office goers or students becomes easier. Unlike street food, you are unlikely to catch any infection after having a healthy heavy meal.

Rishta is a well-known brand that serves idli dosa to most Indians for breakfast and meal. The company maintains strict hygiene factors while packaging idli dosa batter for the Indian population. It serves the nation what it eats as a family. The idli dosa batter brought to you by Rishta has the goodness of food that is cooked right at home. You can also try idli dosa batter fortified with instant carrot mix to get the goodness of carrot. Fortified food products brought to you by Rishta adds value to your everyday nutrition. Now even when you are running short of time like a mother, Rishta takes care of your nutritional diet that is both healthy and hygienic. With the convenience provided by ready to cook batter you have more than one reason to embrace Rishta food products for a healthy diet