Idli Healthy Tasty Vegetarian Diet Food

Idli along with Dosa forms the staple diet of millions of people in South India. But it is surprising to note that few people are aware of the Idli diet. Though indeed the diet does not classify as a technical one, nevertheless is an effective way to lose weight quickly not to mention its great health benefits.

What is Idli?

For the uninitiated, Idlis are consumed as snacks and as breakfast across the length and breadth of South India. The in the northern part of our country people look up to healthy as a filling and healthy snack. This blog post is intended to highlight the health benefits of this tasty snack.

How Idli Aids in Weight Loss

Many people have benefitted from an Idli diet and have lost weight within the span of a month. There are a number of testimonials of people who claimed to have lost as much as 5 Kgs in 40 days having Idli as the sole source of dietary sustenance. That, of course, does not necessarily mean that you have to have Idli whenever you feel hungry during an Idli diet. It is ideally taken for breakfast and as a snack to be enjoyed during the evening. Idlis are so effective a weapon in the arsenal of health-conscious people in their fight against obesity as it is steamed. Steamed food is devoid of fat and has a minimum calorie count.

How to Prepare Idlis?

The digestive system friendly idli is typically made with urad dal and rice. We recommend Rishta Idli Dosa Batter when you are preparing the snack as it is made from quality ingredients free from any sort of impurities or adulteration.

During an Idli diet, you are better off by avoiding rice batter as it adds fuel to the mechanism of gaining weight. You should keep in mind that the body does not really get all the nutritional supplements it needs from urad dal and rice alone. Adding veggies and moderate spices should suffice to compensate for this. The best option is to have idlis along with citrus (orange, grape, and lemon) juice. This will help you in both burning fats as well as preventing carbs from accumulating in the body.

Health Benefits of Idlis

Idlis are a light diet and though filling does not make you feel lethargic in any way. Not being derived from wheat, idlis are free from gluten. Idli provides generous portions of Fibres, Carbohydrates, and Proteins to the body. Upon undergoing fermentation it becomes rich in vitamins

Whole Wheat Idlis

We would like to end this post by mentioning idlis made from whole wheat which aids weight loss even further and are ideal for diabetics and those with digestive problems.