Know The Idli Dosa Batter Proportion for Soft Idli & Crisp Dosa

Idli and Dosa, are two of the most relished Indian dishes of all time. These are the native cuisines of South India, but they have gained fame globally for their rich flavors and health factors. People enjoy a good plate of soft idli and crisp dosa at any time of the day.

Crisp dosa
Soft idli

Have you already started drooling watching these images?

we all know that making idli dosa batter at home is very easy and hygienic, but still, we face some issues while making it. But now you don’t have to wait for the perfect ones, rather make them perfect. For that let’s start with the basic problems people face while making idli dosa.

  • Hard or very sticky Idli:

We have seen many people complaining about their idli being hard or sticky after steaming. Sometimes people mess up while making the batter, or in the time of fermenting. Very runny batter as well as viscous idli batter won’t be able to give us the desired softness and will leave it sticky after steaming.

  •  Dosa sticking into the pan:

Dosa sticking into the pan is also one of the most common problems of all time. Sometimes it depends on the skillet and sometimes the consistency of the batter.

  • Sticky and Clumsy dosa:

Who wants to eat a sticky and clumsy dosa? We mess up very often at the time of making the dosa batter. And as a result, we got sticky dosa in our plate.

Here comes the trick of making perfect & fresh idli dosa batter for the ultimate result

  • The secret of making perfect idli dosa depends on the idli dosa batter. To make a crisp dosa or soft idli we have to mix rice to dal to the ideal ratio of 4:1. Sometimes the quantity of rice needs to be adjusted a bit for the quality of rice. Also to make ‘rich’ quality dosa or idli ‘cheap’ quality coarse or boiled rice is more suitable.
  • No self-respecting South Indian would grind the rice and urad dal together. It will work for dosa but a not for idli, as it would make the idli hard. For Dosa, we need little bit thicker batter than Idli. But with Rishta readymade Idli dosa batter you can make idli and dosa both with the same batter.
  • The proper iron skillet is very important while making dosa. Don’t overheat the skillet and use a dash of oil before putting the dosa batter in the skillet.
  • Now the soaking time of each ingredient and the fermenting time of the batter should be perfect. Unless it will mess up the whole dish.
  • Stop using curd or soda, unless you stay in a cold region. Curds or soda gives an unsavory flavor to your savory rice cake. But if you really want to avoid hard idlis, you can use yeast to get the fluffy ones.
  • Fermentation also depends on the weather. Mostly warm weather is good for fermentation. According to weather, fermentation time should be calculated.

Keeping in mind the tricky process of making idli dosa batter at home, Rishta came up with the Readymade Idli Dosa batter. Just open the ziplock and start making your favorite dish! Now you can buy idli dosa batter online from Big Basket.

Last but not the least, one thing we have to remember that, Practice makes a man perfect. The more you make dosa and idli, the more soft idlis and crisp dosa you can make. Hope with these tips and tricks you can treat yourself and your loved ones with a perfect South Indian platter.

Happy steaming and happy eating!