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Rishta Specialty Idli-Dosa Batter

Rishta Specialty Idli-Dosa Batter uses the freshest rice and urad dal that make it a complete protein meal. With high nutritional value, low calories, and zero saturated fats or cholesterol, our batter makes for nutritional, delicious delights. And since the fermentation process breaks our batter down into simple sugars, our batter is extremely easy to digest. And that’s not all. With Rishta Specialty Idli-Dosa Batter, you can make a wide variety of innovative idlies and dosas, as it is an extremely versatile base. With our batter and your cooking, the result will never fall short of pure magic.


Made using only the best quality rice and urad daal from South India

Cooking Instructions (Cut, pour, relish, repeat)

Instructions? What instructions? You can use Rishta Specialty Idli-Dosa Batter right out of the pack, no instructions needed.

  • No need to soak the ingredients in water overnight
  • No need to grind the batter or make a paste
  • No need to mix the batter with water, curd, or salt
  • No need to ferment the batter for hours

Simply open the zip-locked pack, use the batter, and enjoy delicious idlies and dosas in minutes.


An easy to use zip-lock pouch keeps the batter fresh after every use.
Our standee pouch is easy to store in a refrigerator by itself, without having to pour the batter in another container.
The pouch can also be reused after finishing the batter. Simply wash the pack, and use it to store chutney podis, dips, etc., all thanks to our pouch being shape friendly and fully ziplocked.


Ideal for making idlies, dosas, and all types of pithas, uttapams, etc.
Makes 20-24 standard size idlies.
Makes 15-18 standard size dosas.

It’s a specialty batter for a reason

Natural, through and through.
No added chemicals or artificial preservatives.
Fermented overnight, and ready to use right out of the pack.
Our process of natural fermentation allows for softer idlies and crispier dosas – both using just one batter.