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Swachh Bharath

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In today’s times of unabashed commercialism and single minded profit making, there is one brand (Rishta Idli Dosa Batter) that stands apart in its philosophy.…a refreshing philosophy that takes its essence from its name itself. This is the philosophy of trust and accountability that has forged the bond, the Rishta that we share with the mothers and home makers who bank on us.

From the house of Rishta to your homes, we have built bridges of love, good faith and good will through our premium quality food products that cater to most of your family’s basic dietary requirements in a quality assured paradigm. Thanks to its stringent, uncompromising quality control and accessibility, the extremely discerning home makers of today have settled into a rare and unmatchable camaraderie with Rishta, hitherto unseen in the food industry. …thereby placing Rishta head and shoulders above the market in their esteem. The secret recipe followed here is of mutual benefit.

Rishta is your one stop brand to an unequivocal guarantee in your family’s well being. The brand that holds the unique distinction of catering to you kitchen’s entire array of both nutritive and taste requirements. …your partner in lovingly nurturing a wholesome and healthy family. …the perfect foil for your versatile culinary skills and health concerns. For, where love rules the roost, happiness is a way of life.

We take immense pride in presenting you the perfect fix for your breakfast and snacking urge….the ‘healthier way’ with Rishta Idli Dosa batter.