Q1- One batter for Dosa and idlis, how come it is possible?

Our 5 years of research on ingredients and fermentation process, clubbed with 100 years of experience in food processing have helped us in making this Specialty IDLI-DOSA batter.

Q2- Does batter have soda?

No soda added nor required, as our batter contains high quality Urad Dal in good quantity to make naturally soft idlis.

Q3- Which salt is used?

Natural rock salt!

Q4- What is special about it?

The research on ingredients and care taken during processing results in consistent quality, making idlis super soft and Dosa deliciously crispy.

Q5- Do we have to add water?

Only for dosa add adequate amount of water and mix well.

Q6- How Does it stay for so long if it doesn’t have any chemicals/preservatives?

Our unique temperature controlled distribution model and sealed batter, help it to stay fresh for a longer period.

Q7- Is it suitable for kids?

Our ingredients ensure healthy nutritious meals for kids. (Until and unless in some special conditions the doctor does not advice the same)

Q8- I don’t Know how it tastes?

A great new taste is waiting for you! Try it to believe it.

Q9- Is it gluten free?

Yes, it is gluten free

Q10- How the batter should be stored?

Store inside fridge below 10 degree centigrade, do not freeze.

Q11- Can we use this product next day, once it is opened?

Yes you can, a good option for dosas!

Q12- Why does your batter have bubbles & looks fermented?

Since it is an Urad dal based fermented product, this will make your idlis light and fluffy, mix well and use.

Q13- Are idli dosas acidic?

Idli dosa batter is a fermented product hence making it acidic in nature. However the level of acidity greatly varies with the ingredients & temperature control. We, at Rishta understand this deeply and use ingredient like rock salt and chilled distribution system to keep the acidity level in control. We have got numerous feedbacks regarding their post meal experience being very light and not causing acidity.

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